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Elisabeth Ladwig’s award-winning conceptual photography is the convergence of a graphic design career and a personal fondness for collage art. A grade-school revelation connecting science, nature, and magic fuels her creations; the idea that all of life’s mysteries fall within the parameters of scientific explanation, that science abides by the Laws of Nature, and that all of it is magical. Today, she offers viewers a variety of metaphors for the miracles all around us, and for humankind's relationship with the Earth and with the Cosmos. Her images are mystical interpretations of the Earth, moon, law, writing and the creative process. 


Once an idea is born in her sketchbook, Elisabeth sets out to take the photographs she needs to create the image. Her process is variable and spiritually instinctive; often, an image is well on its way or even completed before its concept is fully understood, and that meaning may vary from one viewing to the next. All of her scenes have a strong natural connection, set completely or partially outdoors, often with an anonymous subject. "Anonymity allows the viewer to take part in writing the story," she says, "and that story is going to be different for everyone.” 


Upon finishing her studies in Graphic and Digital Design at Parsons School of Design in NYC, her artistic career began in the music industry where she designed for the likes of Liza Minnelli, Barry Manilow, Patrick Stewart, for Broadway, and for major motion pictures. Her current photo artistry has been represented by galleries from Arizona to Rome, and has been digitally displayed in Times Square and at the Louvre. Elisabeth was recently chosen for "Presenze" ("Presence"), an international exhibition of Women in the Arts 2016.

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