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Shipping costs: Shipping artwork requires special circumstances and no two pieces of artwork have the same packaging or handling requirements. Therefore, it is the policy of The Wit Gallery to provide shipping and handling quotes upon completion of the packing. It is not possible to give a quote for the shipping at the time of the purchase, therefore the purchase cost will be paid before the shipping/handling cost. The client agrees to allow the gallery to quote and charge his/her credit card for the shipping charges separately from the time of purchase. The gallery will contact the client prior to charging the credit card for shipment. This charge may come from the gallery directly, not through the website, and will be treated as a separate transaction.  


Timing of Shipping: The Wit Gallery strives to have your artwork shipped as soon as possible, however, each piece of artwork has its own conditions for the timing of shipping. Some common conditions: Original works of art that are physically at the gallery that can be shipped using FedEx,UPS or USPS may be shipped within 5 business days. Artwork requiring special delivery, freight or white glove service from a 3rd party other than FedEX, UPS or USPS is dependent on that 3rd party’s schedule. Custom orders and artwork that is part of a series will have their own time-frame for order fulfilment and shipping. The Wit Gallery cannot control the timing of special/custom orders and cannot control the schedules of any third party shipper or delivery service. The Wit Gallery will keep in contact with the client under all circumstances pertaining to the timing and costs of the shipping.

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