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conceptual photography, archival digital print on 100% rag paper


Sizes vary:


$600 - 21" x 17” Framed 

$825 - 28” x 22” Framed

$1550 - 41” x 31” Framed

$2500 - 51” x 39” Framed


I was surprised to learn that some people find it frustrating to walk a labyrinth. In literature and poetry, the labyrinth is often described as suffering, as a trap, even a monster. In a world that thrives on quick fixes and instant gratification, the labyrinth forces us to take the long way to our destination. There are twists and turns that feel like setbacks. We follow the path, and there is just one path to follow; as in life, tomorrow will come whether we want it to or not. But what has been overlooked is how much there is to discover, and discovery is what makes the labyrinth a beautiful metaphor for our journey.


While we cannot turn back time, we can choose to let the journey fascinate us and entrance us. Each step is a step we've never taken before. At any point in time we can create something new, and we can collect treasures along the way in the form of experiences, memories, and emotions, filling our hearts with all things magical and discarding what no longer serves us.


When we reach the center, I like to imagine that more discoveries await… 


*Our Gallery will contact you after purchase for shipping information. Quotes not available through website.

The Collector

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