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Conceptual photography, archival digital print on 100% rag paper


Sizes vary:


$600 - 21" x 17” Framed

$825 - 28” x 22” Framed

$1550 - 41” x 31” Framed

$2500 - 51” x 39” Framed


Inspiration is everywhere. Just look.


Right now, I am sitting at my desk, and in my immediate view is a back-up drive. It's a commonplace object, but that doesn't mean it can't provide inspiration. For example, it could signify setting aside the old to make room for the new, or holding on to things that we're afraid to release. To my left, a handwritten list is taped to the wall. It may hold goals or tasks, steps to solve a problem... or maaaybe it lists clues to discovering buried treasure. <wink> On my right sits an eraser. Just an eraser ~ a metaphor for creating a blank slate, erasing a bad habit, or banishing chaos.


It is truly amazing what inspiration can be found in some of the most unlikely places. Don't wait for inspiration to come to you. Seek it out.


*Our Gallery will contact you after purchase for shipping information. Quotes not available through website.

Catching the Light

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