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conceptual photography, archival digital print on 100% rag paper


Sizes vary:


$600 - 21" x 17” Framed 

$825 - 28” x 22” Framed

$1550 - 41” x 31” Framed

$2500 - 51” x 39” Framed


The Sun sets with a golden vibrance, and resets the day. The Moon wanes to a silver sliver until she hides in plain sight. Water splashes with joy as the tide recedes, revealing treasures of the seas. “This place...” I think to myself, “there isn’t a word.” Goodbye. Hello. Another circle, another cycle. Another end, and another beginning. And as Venus looks on in the distance with the promise of a night sky and the wisdom that comes with age, I realize that this is not for me to understand. It is only for me to appreciate. Maybe that is the understanding.


*Our Gallery will contact you after purchase for shipping information. Quotes not available through website.

In Plain Sight

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