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Danielle Blade and Stephen Gartner formed their working partnership in 1995 after many years of producing their own work and assisting other artists.  The team spirit of timing and inspiration so critical to collaborative glassblowing has proved a real asset to these two artists who bring their individual strengths to the studio every day.

Danielle Blade was born in 1967 on the Isle of Wight in England.  She started creating glass from a very young age.  She was an apprentice to her father, Martin Evans, a renowned sculptor and glass maker. She moved to the United States in 1985 and has worked with many prominent glass artists since that time, expanding her skills and artistry.


Stephen Gartner was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1963.  He spent his early years living in Naples, Italy where his love for glass originated.  Returning with his family to Charleston, South Carolina, he studied to be an engineer and also served in the military.  Gartner apprenticed for several years as a glass sculptor before realizing that his real talents could be best utilized working as a team with another person whose talents mixed well with his.  His background in engineering has proved valuable in the design and construction of the Gartner/Blade glass blowing equipment.


The two artists have won many awards for their designs.  One of their vessels has been acquired by the Louisiana Museum of Art for their permanent glass collection.

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