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Jeff Cohen’s paintings have been described as realism or photorealism. His current work explores imagery deconstructed and reconstructed into grids of squares. This technique allows the artist to treat each fragment of the composition as an individual work of art, creating multiple contexts that come together in unexpected ways. 

“The effect works like verses of a poem, each square tile acting as a verse, or as chapters in a novel. Just as a chapter in a book can be a single sentence or many pages long, an individual square of my painting may be a single patch of clear blue sky, or a complete and complex scene,” said Cohen. Each square is painted individually and meant to stand on its own. 

In this way, his work seeks to expose the interpretive process. Forms and colors are determined tile by tile, and the artist emphasizes the differences purposefully. The work relies on the mind of the viewer to fill in its crucial components.

Cohen’s work is included in the collections of Delta Airlines Sky Clubs in New York, Atlanta, Raleigh, Los Angeles, San Francisco, among others.  It is also in numerous private collections across the United States, Canada, Venezuela, Germany, Belgium, Taiwan, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Philippines, Italy, and Australia.  

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