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Marc Zaref is a multidisciplinary artist and designer.  He describes his sculpture as “playful assemblages of forged and welded steel.” His Enso series explores the traditional creation of the mark (usually made with ink and brush) in a three dimensional medium. Like ink and brush, fluid and whimsical strokes capture expression and movement. Observed at infinite approaches and lighting situations, Zaref’s sculptures in the Planes and Lines Series become undefined in three dimensional interpretations of Constructivist ideals. In his Steel Drawings Series Zaref Shapes steel rods by hand and by using bending jigs and heat to form lines that compose a gestural story. Most pieces begin as sketches in wire mounted on wood blocks. While some remain as maquettes, others are translated into larger works.

Marc Zaref’s work is in the collections of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, New York, NY; New York Public Library, New York, NY; Orrick & Company, Greenwich, CT; Smithsonian Institution Archives of American Art, Washington DC; United States Postal Service Museum, Washington, DC and private collections across the United States. 


A Moment in My Journey

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