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Joe Sorge is guided by the organic form, materials and craftsmanship.

His works express fluidity and the resulting tension inherent in the material is balanced by the ensuing harmony of the sculptural object. The result is an expression that comes from a comprehensive understanding of the material and method. The work draws from the modernist vocabulary to create abstract, sometimes whimsical objects and uniquely dramatizes the play between the horizontal plane and the vertical axis. It is also a study of the positive and negative spaces that result from the play of light, shadow and from the occasional transparency of the material.


Sorge experiments materials such as steel, stone carving, genesa crystals, tiger eye alabaster and among others. He incorporates repurposed materials, a variety of colors, finishes and textures. His work is meant to move and interact with the environment.


Joe Sorge Studied at School of Visual Art (SVA) in New York City and now lives in Connecticut. 


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