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To describe the paintings of Dragan Sekaric Shex, some apply the term "Magical Realism".   Adapted from art critic Franz Roh to define the new neo-realistic attitude. Some consider his modern interpretation of the Sfumato style his most original contribution to fine art. 

“I paint from my memory and my paintings tell stories about real people and situations, but in a style which erases the dividing line between objective and subjective realities, creating thus ‘magical realism’.” 

Directly or indirectly, Shex is painting on the topic of modern migration.  Being a frequent "traveler" himself, he understands others on the emotional level:  The feeling of nostalgia for homes and friends left behind, the awareness of the richness of experience carried with us all and the weight of that richness.  

Born in 1957 in Eastern Bosnia, and educated in architecture in Sarajevo, Shex later studied Art in Rome, Italy, where he learned of the work of Leonardo DaVinci.  He eventually settled in Toronto, Canada where he resides today.  

He communicates his wisdom acquired through this rich international experience using only a spatula. While his oil paintings testify to injustice and brutal contradictions in life, there is also an ever-present capacity for adaptation.  He keeps a positive philosophical view of life, and portrays human warmth and love amidst various trials.  Where umbrellas are protection from rain, they also give protection from different forces a modern "traveler" encounters in life.  On undefined streets which represent modern disorientation, a world in transition, half imagined or remembered, half real figures clearly represent ordinary people. However, these people are without feet and a firm connection to the ground.  

I have added more determined players to the street in the umbrella series.  My paintings also show the pain and joy of modern migration and memories or hopes of those we leave behind or dream of those we long to meet again.   ~ DSS


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