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Patricia Zenklusen creates sensual works with a chainsaw.  She works exclusively with the chainsaw and is fascinated by the challenge of creating something delicate with such a tool.  She enjoys creating elegant figures while at the same time, leaving it apparent that the tool used to carve the piece was a chainsaw and has limitations.   The only other tool used is paint.

It is Zenklusen’s objective to capture movements in moments within the figurative, organic shapes which make up her sculptures.   Whether it’s a ballerina, a fair creature that seems to be flying, or a man climbing a ladder, with every sculpture she conveys the feeling of desire.  One can read the story she is trying to tell through her sculptures. 

Physicality and dynamism characterize the distinctive style of Patricia Zenklusen’s sculptures.  The organic structure of wood has a special meaning for her, as she says: “Wood has always been my element.  To work with it, is something very sensual for me.  With each sculpture, I find out more about a tree, its history, its task fulfilled.  When the tree comes to me, he has reach the end of its life circle but can still give a lot of pleasure.”

Patricia Zenklusen’s studio is located in Zug, Switzerland.  She is shown in Milan and Berlin and is represented in the U.S. exclusively by The Wit Gallery.

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