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Random words, glimmers of vision, and sparks of imagination are fodder for John Petrey’s enthusiasm around his art.  His materials are surprising.  “This (dress) series is material driven. I see a material and immediately know what I want to do with it, how to manipulate it, and what look I want to create with it. I create soft, flowing textures from rigid materials.”


The materials John uses are recycled, reused and repurposed from industrial applications such as industrial stainless steel used in commercial furnaces, or vintage materials like copper ceiling tiles, signs, yardsticks, or bottle caps.  


These sculptures have an odd push-pull characterization; one must look closer to realize they are made of stiff materials and are solid as opposed to soft.  Perhaps the solidity refers to the “50’s woman” who he memorializes with his iconic ideals with which many of us were raised.  


As I’ve grown as an artist, my work has become more of an expression of my soul. I’m constantly reformulating the process of my creative thinking.


Imagination is the most powerful tool humans possess.  ~ J.P.


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