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In the late ‘70’s, shortly after establishing Pane in the Glass Studio, Zack considered applying for a five-year apprenticeship at the Steuben Glass Studio in Corning, NY.  Torn between his fledgling business and the glow of the furnace, Zack stayed in Saratoga and nurtured his love of glass by concentrating on stained glass.  The photos shown here represent a fraction of the residential, commercial and ecclesiastic commissions Zack completed over the last twenty years, here in Saratoga Springs and throughout the region.


In 1990, Zack established Symmetry Gallery, partly as a response to his growing interest in hot glass. 

Working with molten glass gives the artist the freedom to blend colors and manipulate shapes in ways that are impossible in other glass disciplines.  The process is magical and intense, quite unlike the cold and static limitations of flat glass.


While Zack has spent the last two decades working with hot glass, his passion for working with color led him to experiment with other media, especially during times when his glassblowing studio was shut down. His recent body of two-dimensional work reflects his ability to manipulate color in more a subtle and intentional manner.


The foundation of Gary Zack’s artistic interests can be distilled down to his love of color.  In the early days of his stained glass work, masterful use of color was central in his designs.  From sparse, contemporary, Mondrian-style compositions to lush, figurative installations, color always took center stage.  

Zack’s current work with oils and acrylics presents yet another opportunity for Zack to compose pieces rich with contrasts of light and dark, texture, pattern and mood.  From small color studies to larger compositions, Zack’s paintings offer yet another opportunity for lovers of color to explore and enjoy.


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