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Limited edition gallery wrapped giclee on canvas. Includes original sketch on back and certificate of authenticity. 

12"h x 24"w - $ 725


24"h x 48" - $1,595


30" x 60" - $1,950


24"h x 48"w Artists Proof - hand embellished - $2,550


24" h x 48"w Printer's Proof - hand embellished- $3,595


“ ‘The Ultimate Man Cave’ came in to being as the result of a conversation with a Gallery Manager in South Lake Tahoe. I was in the gallery for a summer show and she asked what I was going to be working on after ‘The Day the Music Died’. I spoke about the list of ideas I am always kicking around in my mind, which I slowly work through and she said that she would love to see me do something ‘very manly’. She said I had done 2 children’s book pieces and the music pieces and now I should do something masculine: Rat Pack, motorcycles, cigars, some sort of liquor, etc. Her idea immediately resonated with me and I was off and running. I thought including the Rat Pack was an awesome idea, but in the end, I couldn’t make it fit. I just completed remarking two ‘The Ultimate Man Cave’ limited editions before sitting down to write this and the remark I chose to do was a sketch of Dean, Sammy and Frank. I had tried to use an image of a Mustang on an American Muscle Car book, but in the end I went with Ferrari. Ferrari’s were my favorite cars as a boy, maybe partly due to the fact that I loved watching Magnum PI and also loved the color red. I still remember as a child the first time I saw one in person. It was at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, about 20 miles south of where I was born and raised. I was in awe as I looked at the image of the stallion on the logo on the side of the car. I looked at many, many examples of man caves as I researched for the painting and felt that all of the elements I have included are pretty essential with football, perhaps, at the top of the list – which is why I positioned the NFL logo in the center of the painting. Muhammad Ali’s picture was from a Time magazine cover; the photo had a white background which I developed into a white book. Collectors find it interesting that I have to design the spines of the books and that I can hardly ever pull a book off a shelf and use it as it is. Collectors are amazed that this painting took 8 months to complete. But as they’ve studied the detail in ‘The Ultimate Man Cave’ they’ve understood completely.” – J.M.G.


*Our Gallery will contact you after purchase for shipping information. Quotes not available through website.

Ultimate Man Cave

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