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Limited edition gallery wrapped giclee on canvas. Includes original sketch on back and certificate of authenticity. 


12” h x 24” w $795

24” h x 48” w (Unembellished)  $1,695

24” h x 48” w (Artist Proof – Hand Embellished)

30” h x 60” w (Unembellished) $1,995


“This is a piece that I contemplated painting for a long time. Music is obviously an important part of my life. One of my earliest musical memories surrounding popular music was hearing ‘American Pie’, by Don McLean, for the first time. Being 9 years old or so at the time, I didn’t understand what the lyrics meant, but the song was still able to touch me deep inside and left an indelible mark there. I think the idea for ‘The Day the Music Died’ grew organically from that song, as if the idea was always there. Buddy Holly was naturally to be included in the painting but he was the only one from that tragic incident that I wanted to include since there have been so many other tragedies. I had done research for the painting over the years and I always work from lists. Getting to #6 on the list was easy for me, but I was never clear who the seventh would be no matter who I talked to or what angle I looked at my vision for the painting from. Interestingly, Michael Jackson was one of the six from the beginning. I was certain that I wanted to use an image of him from the ‘Thriller’ album. Then, when David Bowie, I knew I had #7. I had the Ziggy Stardust iconic image of him (with his eyes shut) solidly in mind and set to work sketching the piece. I sketch directly on the panel for a few weeks before I begin to paint. Once the sketch was completed, we loved the layout. But as I began to work on the underpainting, both Susan and I were dissatisfied with the painting, though we didn’t know why. Just then, Prince died and it seemed that supplanting Michael Jackson with him was the fix. As the underpainting progressed, we still weren’t satisfied with the portrait of Bowie. Hearkening back to my high school days, I felt that Curt Cobain would be a good substitute. His portrait turned out to be so strong, though, that it overpowered the others. So, working with some wonderful collectors and friends of mine in Florida, we all decided the portrait of David Bowie that appears in the piece now was right for the painting. I had the same concern that perhaps Bowie’s portrait might overpower the others, and though it is strong, I still find the composition to be harmonious.” - J.M.G.


*Our Gallery will contact you after purchase for shipping information. Quotes not available through website.

The Day Music Died

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