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Available printed on canvas or metal


Giclee on Canvas – available in two sizes:

12” x 24” $ 725

24” x 48” $ 1,595


Sublimation on Aluminum - available in several sizes:


12" x 24" $ 1,250


24" x 48" $2,750


30" x 60" $3,950


When John-Mark began working on “The Beatles” in the Spring of 2013, he was unaware of the fact that the 50th Anniversary of Beatlemania was approaching. Having done “Classic Rock” and “Classic Rock II” because of his love of the music, it was natural for him to do a piece solely devoted to his favorite group of all time. One of John-Mark’s first thoughts about doing the piece was the inclusion of Yellow Submarine. Not only has he loved the song since he was a boy, but he later discovered the Yellow Submarine movie which he also loved. The idea of doing a George Harrison book came about because George’s song “When we was Fab” is one of John-Mark’s favorite songs, across all genres. He also liked that the portrait of the younger Harrison is a reference to the Revolver album. John-Mark knew Sgt. Peppers had to be included in some way, and the opportunity to also include a reference to George Martin presented itself with the inclusion of the book authored by the famed music producer. Abbey Road became the central book in the piece, not only because it’s John-Mark’s favorite Beatle album, but also because the album is so adored by other Beatles fans. A Hard Day’s night was included as a reference to the movies The Beatles did and The Beatles Anthology book rounded out John-Mark’s selections because he loved the many references the image of the collage contained. To-date, “The Beatles” is John-Mark’s favorite painting in his Bibliotheque series and the one he has enjoyed working on the most.


*Our Gallery will contact you after purchase for shipping information. Quotes not available through website.

The Beatles

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