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Limited edition gallery wrapped giclee on canvas. Includes original sketch on back and certificate of authenticity.


12” h x 24” w $795

24” h x 48” w (Unembellished) $1,695

24” h x 48” w (Artist Proof – Hand Embellished) $2,725

24” x 48” w (Printer’s Proof - Hand Embellished) $ 3,725


John-Mark’s statement on “Take me Back”:


I had such a great time creating this painting! Having dealt with Hollywood several years ago, I wanted to do a piece based upon television since it’s been a big part of our lives. As I looked at some of the shows that have meant so much to me over the years, a natural progression developed from the shows of my youth to those that struck a chord with me in adulthood. Mr. Rogers was very important to me growing up, so I wanted to begin with him. His kind nature and ability to speak directly to us as youngsters left an indelible mark on me and millions of others. M.A.S.H. was always on in our home in the evenings and the way it mixed humor and profound grief made a mark on me as well. We continue to watch it to this day, as a family. I came to know Cheers as I was entering adulthood and found there was nothing like it. The show drew me in with its witty humor and outstanding character development with an incredible ensemble cast. The portrait of Norm and Cliff simply makes me smile. I came to be a fan of Seinfeld after syndication and found it to be genius. It’s another show I continue to watch to this day although I’ve seen each episode multiple times – to me, it’s timeless and the cast is iconic. I adored Saturday Night Live later in high school and in college, with the cast of those years entertaining me and my friends like nothing else. Chris Farley was our favorite! He and Adam Sandler performing the Lunch Lady skit makes me smile as I think of it. Christopher Walken doing the More Cowbell scene has been something I’ve watched on YouTube time and again and it has brought me so much pleasure. Painting the soundproofed walls was challenging, but when it resonates with me and so many others like that, I know it must be in the painting. The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson is a show I’ve come to appreciate more as I’ve moved through adulthood. There was no one like him; he was born to be in that role and his guests were amazing. Including his show also allowed me to paint Betty White, whose contributions to television can’t be overstated. I couldn’t include the Golden Girls but painting her allowed me to make a nod to that show. Next came The Sopranos in my TV experience and it was very impactful. I’d never been so deeply into a character before Tony Soprano and found the writing to be second to none. Finally, Breaking Bad was a series that captivated me. Walter White’s part was performed so well that I felt I was in the series myself but never knew what would happen next. Again, I felt the writing was genius and the cast was perfect – it will stand the test of time.


I feel these legendary shows and actors should be celebrated and commemorated. They’ve meant so much to me over my lifetime and over the lifetimes of countless others. “Take Me Back” is a monument to these wonderful shows, to their writers, directors, and casts.


*Our Gallery will contact you after purchase for shipping information. Quotes not available through website.

Take Me Back

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