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Limited edition gallery wrapped giclee on canvas. Includes original sketch on back and certificate of authenticity.


12” h x 24” w  $795

24” h x 48” w (Unembellished)  $1,695

24” h x 48” w (Artist Proof – Hand Embellished) $2,725


What a fun piece! Obviously, if one is going to paint books spines, he must do a children’s books piece: “Once Upon A Time” is the result. Beginning with an extensive list, John-Mark was able to whittle it down to an iconic, classic, beloved mix. Growing up, Alice in Wonderland, The Little Engine That Could, Peter Pan, The Three Little Pigs & Winnie the Pooh were John-Mark’s favorites. John-Mark’s appreciation for Dr. Seuss came about after he had grown & the inclusion of Harry Potter was due to the frequent suggestions he would receive regarding the inclusion of something from the series. Little Golden Books hold a special place for John-Mark from his childhood & his wife Susan lobbied him strongly that Pokey Little Puppy be featured on the spine of the book. Lastly, Curious George was included due to his popularity & also for aesthetic reasons: John-Mark felt the painting needed the red of the book to help balance the composition.


*Our Gallery will contact you after purchase for shipping information. Quotes not available through website.

Once Upon a Time

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