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Limited edition gallery wrapped giclee on canvas. Includes original sketch on back and certificate of authenticity.


12” h x 24” w  $795

24” h x 48” w (Unembellished)  $1,695

24” h x 48” w (Artist Proof – Hand Embellished)  $2,725


Born of his love of movies & the fact it’s a great theme that John-Mark wanted to explore, “Hollywood” captures the feel of the Golden Age of the Silver Screen. Marilyn Monroe & Liz Taylor were two icons that John-Mark wanted to stand alone in the piece because of the power they possess in and of themselves. John-Mark felt the piece would be incomplete without Casablanca & his love for childhood memories of the Wizard of Oz led to its inclusion. Love Story was included due to John-Mark’s wife Susan’s own love of the movie. James Dean’s iconic status led to his inclusion, but John-Mark hadn’t seen “Rebel Without a Cause.” So, before he finalized the painting’s line up, he watched the movie & decided that both he & it would fit the piece perfectly. John-Mark had grown to appreciate the Sound of Music over time, & the talent of Julie Andrews as well. The well- known scene of Ms. Andrews in the field of flowers was a perfect choice. Interestingly, it was this section of the painting that John-Mark was working on in his original studio in his parent’s home the week before he, his wife and son moved to Virginia. As he was painting Ms. Andrews’ left arm, he felt his chair move slightly forward, then ever so slightly back, before the entire house began to violently shake. It was the earthquake that struck the East Coast in August of 2011.


*Our Gallery will contact you after purchase for shipping information. Quotes not available through website.


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