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Limited edition gallery wrapped giclee on canvas. Includes original sketch on back and certificate of authenticity.


12”h x 24” w - $725


24”h x 48” w - $1,595


24” h x 48” w AP – $2,595


A stand out athlete in high school, John-Mark had long contemplated doing a sports piece. The final nudge to get him to finally do one came when a collector, who had purchased John-Mark’s original, “Once Upon a Time”, asked John-Mark to consider doing a sports piece for him. When John-Mark heard his ideas, he lept at the opportunity. The collector supplied John-Mark with many lists of the greatest sports movies of all time and John-Mark did his own research as well, looking not only at the movies themselves but what is most important to him – the images that accompany those titles with a view towards how they would all work together. After many months of consultation with a special emphasis on The Natural book, the Rocky book & the book heights, the two men reached a consensus and work began. Being John-Mark’s favorite movie of the lot, and one which he suggested be in the piece, Chariots of Fire also proved to be the most challenging due to the number of portraits the one book spine contains. The Chariots of Fire book which John-Mark created also proved to provide some suspense for the collector and John-Mark after the piece was delivered. After it was hung in his home, the man who commissioned the piece called the gallery through which he was provided with John-Mark’s services in a panic – there was a hole in the piece! The consultant contacted John-Mark and explained to him what the problem was. As he looked back at his personal photos of the progression of the piece, John-Mark got a good chuckle. Relieved, he explained to the a