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Limited edition gallery wrapped giclee on canvas. Includes original sketch on back and certificate of authenticity.


12”h x 24” w - $725


24”h x 48” w - $1,595


24” h x 48” w AP – $2,595


“I had long tried to get a portrait of Gandhi to work in Bibliotheque compositions, but it hadn’t worked before, so I was very pleased that I was able to use him in this piece. His is the predominant portrait as I have a great admiration for him and what he accomplished. My wife was reading ‘The Story of Edgar Sawtelle’ at the time, and as it was very popular, I included it as well. While I’ve admired Warren Buffett, I was putting together this piece at a time of great tumult in the financial markets and decided to put ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ beside his book as kind of an irreverent poke at many of the excesses of capitalism that were causing so much pain globally at the time. This was also the most personal of the series to date for me as I included my study Bible in the center of the composition. The Bible is worn due to my diligence in seeking excellence in my life, which is not so different from the training that an Olympic athlete endures as he seeks to go as far as he possibly can.” – J.M.G.


*Our Gallery will contact you after purchase for shipping information. Quotes not available through website.

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