Limited edition gallery wrapped giclee on canvas. Includes original sketch on back and certificate of authenticity.

12"h x 24" w - $695
24"h x 48" w - $1,550
24"h x 48"w Artists Proof - hand embellished - $ 2,550


The theme for this piece came to John-Mark as an obvious choice – the love of enjoying fine food and drink is universal! This painting is atypical for John-Mark in that it only contains 1 portrait, but his skills as a photorealist are definitely on display as he depicts the bottle of Patron & plate of chocolates. The viewer is certain that he can reach out and touch the cocoa dust atop one of the candies! John-Mark was pleased that his own enjoyment of cigars played so well with the theme & that he could include a book devoted to them at the far right, as if to say, “What could be better after a gourmet meal than sitting down & enjoying good conversation with friends and family over a cocktail and fine cigar?


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In Good Taste