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Limited edition gallery wrapped giclee on canvas. Includes original sketch on back and certificate of authenticity.


12” h x 24” w  $795

12” h x 48” w (Unembellished)  $1,695

12” h x 24” w (Artist Proof – Hand Embellished)  $2,725


“ ‘Bibliotheque II’ was the second painting in my Bibliotheque Series and I completed it early in 2007. I was very pleased with the reception that the pinup girl received in ‘Bibliotheque I’ and so I chose to include another such work in this piece. Color is very important in my compositions and the pin up book in this piece helped me in that way as well. She also served to soften the strong masculinity of ‘Bibliotheque II’ and portray another side of mankind, not just the matters of war, philosophy and higher thinking – man is more than that. Life is also about beauty. That led me also to think about the farmer that I had wanted to use in a painting. I thought that the inclusion of such a wonderful photograph would also serve to balance the piece. The beauty of a field of golden wheat ready for the harvest coupled with the satisfaction he would feel about what his labors had produced would add another kind of beauty. And the title of the book, ‘The American Farmer’ also alludes to a noble struggle for life. Andersen’s Fairy Tales neatly ties up all of these themes in my mind. While much of Hans Christian Andersen’s writing appeals to children, his work also deals beautifully with deeper issues of life, sometimes in the way that Emerson’s writings do, just with greater finesse, at least in my mind. So I feel that ‘Bibliotheque II’ holds together nicely as one composition even though it contains such a wide range of subjects.” – J.M.G.


*Our Gallery will contact you after purchase for shipping information. Quotes not available through website.

Bibliotheque 2

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