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Medium: archival pigmented print on Lumachrome paper


Dimensions: 53”h x 38” w


“More sizes available, please inquire”


Biblioteca Riccardiana- Florence, Italy


The Riccardiana library was established in 1600 by the Riccardi family in Florence and offers a unique example of what a patrician library in an aristocratic place looks like. Although the Riccardi family had been assembling a significant book collection since the middle of the 16th century, the collection did not have a permanent and centralized home until the family purchased the Palazzo on Via Larga from the Medici family in 1659. The Riccardi family’s prestige reached its apex through this acquisition, which became their residence and led to extensive renovations and transformation of the palace.


Extraordinary care was taken to build the library to the highest of standards, choose artists to paint the ceiling murals and commission Florentine artisans to construct the furniture specifically designed to hold the family collections. Opened in 1715, the library became a sort of scholarly pilgrimage site due to the significance of the collection. The magnificent rooms often hosted receptions that brought together the most distinguished dignitaries of that time, including princes and rulers.


In 1815 the library was purchased by the City of Florence and became destined for public use. It was later managed by the Biblioteca Laurenziana and closed to the public for almost 50 years from the end of World War 1 until 1942, when the Riccardiana regained full autonomy.


The Riccardiana is a very rare library that has kept the same books in their original venue since 1689, surrounded by the very furniture that was conceived for them. It is still used today as it was back then.”


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Biblioteca Riccardiana

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