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The artist duo Touvia and Lucien share an artistic history that goes back twenty years.
Touvia is a well-known international Judaica artist while Lucien is a renowned artist, gallerist and the founder of the world’s leading contemporary Judaica Gallery.

Lucien discovered seventeen-year-old Touvia, and ever since then he has been his mentor and gallerist representing his art.

In recent years, the artist duo has developed a fascinating and unique concept of “LOVART”.
LOVART is a perfect and complementary point of connection between two opposite ends – Hasidic spirituality and universal humanism.

The combination with the heart motif transforms the artist duo’s homage into an artwork that opens new horizons in contemporary pop art sculpture.

These sculptures bear a universal message that gets unfold as a visual story about freedom, liberty, humanity and love.
It is a mélange of deep spiritual and mystical content into a language understood by all, bringing in aesthetics with colorful, material and boundary-breaking compositions.

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