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Eric Tardif is intrigued by the expressive possibilities of wood. He first became a sculptor while studying to be a naturalist in the nature reserve of Cape Tourmente on the shores of the majestic St. Lawrence River in Canada. This reserve is recognized around the world as an exceptional bird observation center.  His passion for wild birds with their natural elegance and gracious movement, the beauty of the landscape of rural Canada and the natural beauty of native trees became the inspiration for his creativity. 

For over 15 years Eric Tardif has used a non-traditional steam bending technique to transform walnut, Canadian maple, ash, cherry and elm into the elegant and graceful movement and form of birds.   The choice of wood adds touches that are sometimes voluptuous, sometimes solemn.

Eric Tardif is a graduate Matane College and Quebec City School of Sculpture. He has served on the board of directors for the Outaouais culture council, Matéria Contemporary craft centre, Maison des métiers d'art of Québec, and is a member of Quebec and Ontario Craft Councils.


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