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Drew’s early interest in the aerodynamics of flight directed his creative talents to kinetic sculpture best exemplified by his most recent works.

Drew Klotz’s kinetic sculpture is made of aluminum and stainless steel and is mounted on a 5’ stand. Horizontal frames mount aerodynamic shapes with sensitive bearings that interact with the gentlest of breezes and wind currents to provide ever-changing rhythmic and wave-like patterns.

As the kinetic sculpture revolves and dances with the wind, it choreographs its own enchanting aerial ballet. Painted in brilliant high-quality enamels, the sculpture provides a dazzling kaleidoscope of moving color and is a most striking addition to any pool side, estate garden, lakeshore home, oceanside retreat, desert hacienda or other architectural or outdoor landscape.


Drew Klotz was born in White Plains, NY, grew up in Fairfield County, CT and graduated with high honors from Cooper Union, NYC in 1983. Drew’s unique sculptures are in private collections throughout the US.

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