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Portrait of Claudio DaNapoli

Claudio DaNapoli is a photographer and activist. In 2018, he set off on an indefinite road trip that became a passion project:  documenting the environmental impact human beings have had on the planet. His photos show, among other things, desert sunsets marred by aluminum cans and beaches with more plastic than seashells. “My fervent hope is that the discomfort existing in my work provokes thought,” DaNapoli said. “In no way does the inclusion of these foreign objects …condone the contamination of our land, water or air. It actually signifies a profound struggle: my simultaneous acceptance and rejection of the current state.” 


DaNapoli grew up in Italy, the son of a painter and an art collector. But he chose photography as his medium. He said, “The power of images lies in their ability to evoke a limitless range of reactions: Shock, compassion, wonderment, disgust, or even terror.  I seek to tap into these wide-ranging sentiments and spur discussions about the fantastic world that I am discovering in my travels.” 

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