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Portrait of Claudio DaNapoli

Growing up in Italy, Claudio DaNapoli was destined to become an artist. With a painter, art

art collector and renowned goldsmith in his family tree, he began his art journey as a photographer.

Forced to consider composition, light, and lines, he questioned how he could bend the rules, 

Shooting from unorthodox angles and stepping outside the box. “In time, my innate and

Extreme geekiness brought computer enhancement to my photographs,” he says.


The images, however, felt like incomplete thoughts to Claudio. He wanted more: more

substance, more context, more emotional impact. Simultaneously, he had taken to using non-

traditional material and the concept of second chances.  “How better to express a belief in

second chances than by giving new life to items that have been abandoned or thrown away?”

he says. “Who says that a piece of drywall or cement cannot be transformed into something

beautiful?  And what is beauty anyway?”


Crafting frames with repurposed construction materials, Claudio completed what he formerly

saw as fragmented works, complementing the vision for each of the photographs he felt were

unfinished. “Almost without realizing it, I transitioned to working as a mixed media artist, where

I discovered the symbiotic relationship between the frame and the photograph,” he says.


“The frame does not exist without the image.  The image does not exist without the frame. They

are one.”

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