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Cari Cohen was born in the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, which is often referred to as the “Paris of South America”. Captivated by Buenos Aires’ eclectic urban landscape, Cohen was naturally drawn to the field of architecture. She obtained a degree in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires and furthered her educational career by specializing in multimedia design and photography. While always employing her architectural expertise as a foundation for her creative projects, Cohen’s passion to pursue the true “art” of her trade inspired her to enroll in several courses and workshops to further develop her artistic talents.

When Cari moved to Miami in 2001, she started building a name in Abstract Art and Jewelry designs. She has displayed her work in distinguished events such as Art Miami, Art Basel, The Wit gallery and institutions like Citibank, where her works are permanently displayed in two of its branches.

Cari’s artistic career has gone hand in hand with her appreciation for teaching adults and children. Through her art classes, Cari transmits her knowledge about abstract art and jewelry making. The Fun Palette, Cari Cohen’s latest project that provides Art Classes in Aventura, Florida, has mixed art and teaching and an added touch of fun in order to devise a unique form of recreation for the city of Miami to enjoy. 

Today, Cari takes inspiration from her career as a contemporary architect to delve into this new venture -- a one-of-a-kind lamp series featuring the perfect blend of functionality and industrial chic. ​

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