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Sculpture is a vital element in our visual environment. The creation of objects that exist in three dimensions whose purpose is to stimulate reflection, meditation, awe and amusement is as unique to humans as it is ancient. I create works that will live harmoniously in the world as independent functionaries of society. I draw inspiration from forms and rhythms in nature, ancient artifacts, mathematics and science, distilling these influences into abstract points of intersection. 


On a personal level, creating sculpture is an endless connected series of experiments. Technical matters drive visual possibilities. Imaginings require research into materials and techniques. The act of physically manipulating substances informs the entire thought process. Knowledge of process induces parameters and frees the mind. The daily work ethic gives total responsibility over the outcome. The path is long and winding and where it leads I will follow…


Russell began studying sculpture under Lawrence Anthony instruction at Rhodes College. Beginning with wood and stone carving, he soon progressed to fabricating large freestanding sculptures from scrap steel and industrial debris. 


Hi work is in collections across the country, including the First Tennessee Bank in Memphis, TN, Piedmont Natural Gas in Charlotte, NC, Energy Capital Partners, New York, NY and the Cafejian Museum in Minneapolis, MN, among others. 


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