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Every “body” has a story. Stories, conveyed through vocalizing, inscribing or expressing body language can be spawned by reality and fabricated by imagination. The terminologies of the human form constitute the heart and soul of Scavotto-Earley’s clay, steel and wire sculptures. These corporal “voices” of humanity from the individual to the collective fascinate her, stimulating figurative narratives and optimistic commentaries on everyday issues, behaviors and relationships.


“I am enthralled by human nature and the prodigious spectrum of diversity, uniqueness, mystery and universality. I am grateful for this enormous reservoir of resources. My sculptural stories are inspired by personal experiences, relationships, everyday observations and psychological issues. 

They are communicated thematically through the marvelous attitudes, postures and gestures of the body – the dialect of humans being. Throughout my Art career, I have modeled, assembled, painted, carved and welded virtues, intemperance, social concerns, spirituality, humor and other pieces in the epic puzzle of human conduct.  A sprinkling of wit is common, even in my most reflective sculptures. I enkindle fellowship and dialogue between human form and spirit and humankind’s most powerful universal language – the voice of the body. You are welcomed into the compositional space and company of the clay performers and props; into a place where collectivity transcends blindness and boundary and invites the arousal of your own humanness.” –BS


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