During her childhood, Riitta Klint lived with her family in Finland, the Far East, Middle East, Europe and Mexico.  She later attended college in the U.S. and then worked for a company that sent her traveling across the country.   The varied landscapes from a lifetime of traveling have found their way into her “dreamscapes”, with rich surfaces infused by intrigue. 


"I begin my acrylic paintings on a clay panel; lustrous, smooth and porous.  This is the beginning. Working on a table, exploring, with thin veils of paint,…… that drip, pool and congeal…and like nature, move out of my control. I never plan, sketch or have a preconceived idea of where it is going. It is only in the doing that it emerges. I apply thicker layers of color and then thinner again.  I work intuitively within these initial spaces, searching for what is right, even changing orientation throughout. 

My paintings echo my emotions and my awe of nature and its cyclical patterns. These paintings are abstract yet reference landscapes - not landscapes normally seen, but landscapes that appear on a threshold. My paintings offer me mystery, beauty, fragility and hope.  One impulsive stroke of paint can lead to hope and a renewed belief in life."  ~ R. K. 

Klint is currently represented in European and US galleries nationwide.  Many large commissions have been completed in the last few years with the Pinnacle Group in Miami and Fisher’s Island, CT.