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Joel Curran was a recycler before recycling became fashionable.  His Works on Paper are beautiful, abstract designs and colorful patterns. His materials are gleaned from magazines and catalogues (sometimes art papers) and cut in geometric patterns, rolled in cylinder shapes, or folded in triangles. 


Curran was born in Providence, Rhode Island, attended Classical High School and Brown University. He then graduated from Washington University Medical School and continued with pediatric training at Bronx Municipal Hospital in New York City. Joel Curran’s first career in the practice of Pediatrics continued for thirty-six years.


His art career began in 2007 when Curran began to experiment with the use and arrangement of recyclable magazine and catalogue paper in geometric and multi-dimensional patterns. Joel’s children and grandchildren were impressed with his paper art (or so they said) and “commissioned pieces.” His work has since been shown at the Museum Facsimiles in Pittsfield, MA, and the WIT Gallery in Lenox, MA.

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