Born in Paris, France, David Gista studied drawing, painting, printing, and sculpture at the École des Beaux-Arts in his home city. Rather than follow trends, Gista developed a style informed by unusual visuals discovered on journeys, and by a disparate collection of artists spread across the millennia. His paintings are filled with rolling waves of color representing sky, earth, and water. They are rich and textured, with a quilt-like quality.


Gista’s paintings are explorations of humanity’s role in the universe, and more narrowly critiques of modern culture. “My attempt is to express the contradiction between hyper communication and growing solitude and alienation,” Gista says. “How appearances deceive us and keep us apart from each other, and how technology takes over our public and individual liberties.” Though we exist as a mere fraction of the tangible world, our role is to contemplate the forces that surround us. “Art does not give you answers,” Gista says. “It asks questions and deepens mystery.”