Joe Sorge creates free-form sculptures, using a variety of materials, from tiger eye alabaster to marble to steel, in various colors and textures. His main source of inspiration for the graceful sculptures is the wealth of nature and its fascinating organic forms. The artist does not allow himself to feel constrained by the solid stone, he is instinctively guided to create the shape within. His works express fluidity, and the resulting tension inherent in the material is balanced by the ensuing harmony of the sculptural object. The result is an expression that comes from a comprehensive understanding of the medium. Sorge draws from the modernist vocabulary to create abstract, sometimes whimsical objects. His work uniquely dramatizes the play between the horizontal plane and the vertical axis, and the positive and negative spaces that result from the play of light and shadow, and from the occasional transparency of the material.

Red Ribbon
Genesa Crystal
Maui Breeze
Sparkling Wave
Copper Swirls
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27 Church Street
Lenox, MA. 01240
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11am to 5pm
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