"This mysterious void weaves its way from past to future and back again, stopping just for a moment, just long enough for the burning desire for discovery to latch hold.  This cycle repeats.  The ritual continues.  Mystery moves.  Discovery waits.  It is through the ritual of personal discovery that we gain an intimate knowledge of ourselves and our world.  My work seeks to convey both a sense of mystery and invite discovery. I admit to entertaining an underlying romantic notion concerning the connection between art, ritual and mystery and I am continuously fascinated by the endless possibilities of the future.  I seek the bridge between what was and what will be, between stories told and one yet to be written, between past and future." - J.P

6" Earthenware cube I
6" Stoneware cube
8" Stoneware cube
6" Earthenware cube II
11.5" Indoor Cube
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