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William Geisler's work is intriguing, striking and complex, inviting the viewer at first to take in the totality of a piece from afar, then to discover what may be less visible within deeper layers. His encaustic art, an ancient technique dating to approximately 100-300 AD, employs heated beeswax blended with colored pigments, paper, wood, and found materials that come together in bold, unique, and unexpected ways. Geisler's work may include linear, hand-cut paper strips dipped in wax and applied to the work's surface, where color is achieved from images printed on the paper or built through an extensive subtractive and additive process that engages the pigment in the wax. Or it may include the use of the toner transfer method, where the combination of black or colored toner and pigment produces immense depth when fused into many layers of wax.

Gallery Location:
27 Church Street
Lenox, MA. 01240
Sunday to Saturday
11am to 5pm
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