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Beneath the skin of the earth there is a rich and powerful darkness. Inside the delicate skin of our bodies is a complex activity of cells, membranes, fluids and energy, moving without illumination. Seeds sprout in the soft damp earth. Ideas, emotions, growth, memories find form in the undefined darkness of our interior.



As an artist I observe the world, the physical environment, social interactions, cultural stories through the senses of my body. In this way I absorb the world into my self. The information churns and as I work with my hands and eyes, creating and manipulating the relationships of line, form, mass, color, texture, volume, all of the references recombine into a new understanding. I learn about myself in the world through bringing the un-illuminated forms of my interior into an illuminated space outside of my skin. I work on the edge of my discomfort, looking for that which is at once familiar and disquieting. It is a process of discovery. It is a process of making clear that which my body is already learning.

Gallery Location:
27 Church Street
Lenox, MA. 01240
Sunday to Saturday
11am to 5pm
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