Primarily a self-taught mixed media artist, Madonna Phillips has worked with stained glass, painting, fibers, crafts and sculptural assemblage. In the last several years, Madonna Phillips reinvented her approach to glass, creating her own technique, combining all her previous experience in diverse mixed media. She cites a connection to Alaster Sooke’s quote in his review Beauty Has Made a Comeback for Richard Wright’s Turner prize winning gold leaf painting:  “It is only natural when we feel surrounded by darkness and chaos that we yearn for things that are luminous and orderly or to put it another way, beautiful.“ Madonna’s work addresses physics, the environment, time and the power of light and reflection.

Renaissance 1
Renaissance 2
Unlimited triptych
Rim City Diptch
Strong and Fragile 1
Strong and Fragile 2
Deco 1
Deco 2
Casa Azul, Diptych
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