Suzanne Howes-Stevens would visit the geographic areas that were her subjects to gather as much information and inspiration as possible.  Her paintings are subtle, filled with natural light and the atmosphere of the season during which she was working. “By navigating my way through wetlands via canoe and my paintings, I attempt to find a visual logic between cartography and imaging. I use topographical maps and nautical charts as a base for my work. I allow the paintings to compose themselves within the context of the maps of those specific sites in ways that help me to interpret how land, sky, water, and light interact. The shifting elements of nature can be explored in what I call marginalia, places where land and water meet or overlap. The fragmented and disintegrating land masses at water's edge act as a metaphor, reflecting back to us the fragile nature of these allusive and transitory places, asking us to be secular pilgrims and stewards of our surroundings.”                        SHS

Still Water 13
Last Light
Spillover 2
Portal 12
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